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So, I was testing some stuff regarding my Tapejara that I tamed a few days ago, when he went and attacked a Moschops (I had it on aggressive), so I had to test this, and my results show that, contrary to the wiki, a Moschops CAN in fact be tamed when UNCONSCIOUS. However, you are going to want a ton of Mejoberries and a ton of Narcoberries to keep it asleep. The taming progress shall go up by 34.1% every time it eats one Mejoberry. I will report back later with a time-frame as well as how it compares to other knockout tames. Bring multiple stacks of each berries mentioned here (a Stego will greatly help in this affair as well as guard the Moschops while it peacefully sleeps) (I had my Tapejara guard instead because he was closest to the Moschops) and be sure to feed the Moschops at least 50 narcoberries every time it drains it’s torpor to half. Again, I will report back with time-frames and time-comparisons to other knockout-tames.

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