If you find a box that contains the message on these creatures, the

person who wrote the message describes these creatures as β€œcowardly”. DO NOT listen to her at all as she does not know what she is talking about! Moschops are friendly creatures, that while primarily feasting on the berries they gather from bushes, are omnivores, meaning they will take both plants and meat. Taming them is fairly simple. Give them exactly what they ask for (you need to wait upon feeding) for best taming quality. Once tamed, set them to passive and lead them to the forest after naming them and guide them to an area where resources such as wood and fruit are plentiful. Then set them to wandering and they will gather thatch, wood, fiber, carrots and all berries. Totally the complete OPPOSITE of cowardly. However they will never fight whatever fights them or nearby allied creatures and tend to run to their master for protection during a fight instead. They are very energetic, shown by their rank-up emote.

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