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Really, their taming strategy is similar to their bigger counterparts, Gigantopithicus. All you have is: Step 1: Get a mejoberry plant, and get it to produce max berries. Step 2: Find a meso. They tend to hang around dangerous areas, so be careful. They enjoy hanging around beaches where there IS jungle behind. Step 3: Eliminate all danger in the area before starting. Step 4: Crouch and put the mejoberries in your hot bar. Now switch to the mejoberries. Step 5: Walk behind the meso, and feed it once. Walk backwards and see which way it turns. Whenever you feed it or it stops walking, walk backwards and see what direction it turns. Go behind it again. Step 5: Repeat step 4 until it's tamed. Step 6: Once it's tamed, if your base is really far away, put it on a rock, whistle stop, and go back home. Request your meso when you're there. If your base isn't that far away, and no danger is in your way, pick up your meso and whistle stop. Walk back home. Step 7: Name your meso, and I reccomend setting it on wander in your house. Step 8: Congrats! You tamed a meso! Tip: These guys drop human poop instead of small animal poop. 2nd Tip: They have an attack when they throw poop at creatures and/or people. Way to insult your friends and annoying creatures! Please ^ if this was helpful!

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