Here is a story to prove that these prehistoric mini ninjas are more then poop throwing monkeys.

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Here is a story to prove that these prehistoric mini ninjas are more then poop throwing monkeys.

I was playing on ragnarok one day and all of a sudden, two or three of these guys spawned in to my new cave base. I tamed one of them. It ended up at level 118. Not thinking much of him, I threw him on my shoulder and went out on my argentavis to have an adventure. Often I would attack animals for fun. Then, something truly amazing happened. My monkey started throwing poop at my enemies and making the same sound any young child would make if they were pretending to be a ninja. From that point forward, he was known as ninja monkey. He was Always with me.

Now however, is when the real story begins. Prepare yourself, for this is a truly honorable and glorious tale of courage and loyalty.

One day, I was taming a quetzal using my griffin and some tranq arrows. Of course, ninja monkey was with me as usual. We were both extremely excited to watch the quetzal fall to the ground asleep, just waiting to be tamed. In our glory we flew down to the sleeping beast only to find that terror birds were attempting to eat the magnificent animal. Ninja monkey and I were infuriated. We flew down a-top my griffin and had nearly wiped them all out when who should pop out of the ground to ambush us but a purlovia! That evil creature ripped me apart sending me back to the bed at my base. Rushing back, I could only hope that my precious animals were still alive. As I was flying above the nearly dead quetzal I saw ninja monkeys death message appear in red letters at the top of my screen. In my anger, I gave the purlovia the most excruciating and painful death I could. Then, I finished off the terror birds. In agony I tamed the quetzal and brought it back to my base. But then I thought about what I had seen. My griffin had survived. But how? Then I remembered all that I had witnessed. My griffin and quetzal were still alive, because of ninja monkey. When all seemed lost, he sacrificed himself for me and my dear griffin. From that day forward, the quetzal I had tamed was known, as โ€œninja monkey prevails.โ€ Immediately I set up a memorial in honor of my noble ninja friend. And if you ever were to find this Memorial, on his gravestone you would see this inscription: โ€œhere lies ninja monkey, brave rescuer of grif the griffin. May he rest in piece.โ€

And thus ends my tale.

So friends, whenever you see a mesopithecus, and think it unworthy of being tamed, remember the tale of the great protector of griffins and quetzals. Remember the tale of the small but brave warrior.

:Remember Ninja Monkey:

Thank you for listening. I hope you all will seriously consider taming one of these truly amazing creatures. #REMEMBERNINJAMONKEY

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