This story comes from he who told the story of ninja monkey.

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This story comes from he who told the story of ninja monkey. It is for everyone who is unsure whether or not to tame one of these magnificent creatures.

There we were. Me and my brother. Sailing on our raft through the rivers of the island. We had tamed one of these beautiful giant turtles quite recently and had brought him along for protection. His name, was Franz Freeman. (Don’t judge, we were new to the game and unskilled in the art of naming creatures.) As we sailed along, he kept us company on the dark nights as well as the warm and sunny days. But then, disaster struck. We were innocently sailing about when a sarco leaped onto our raft. It nearly killed my brother and I. But then, franz freeman jumped into the water taking the sarco along with him! He defeated the sarco. Our lives were saved. Unfortunately, his injuries were so severe and his energy so drained that as the piranhas inhabiting the river swarmed him, he was unable to defend himself. He was murdered by those bloodthirsty fish. We destroyed as many of them as we could. Sadly, we returned to base. We never forgot our brave turtle friend.

Thus ends my tale.

So friends, whenever you encounter a carbonemys in the wild, and ask yourself the question, β€œshould I tame it or not?” Remember he who protected two innocent survivors from a giant crocodile. Remember the armored turtle that stood tall in The face of danger.

:Remember Franz Freeman:

Thank you for listening. I hope all of you have been moved by my tale and I hope that all of you will tame one of these armored beasts. (Just... name it something else... please.) #REMEMBERFRANZFREEMAN

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