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To the people complaining that this guy should be larger:

If you look on the dossier it says the scientific name of the Ark Megalodon is Charcharodon Ultramegalodon. This species is imaginary and does exist in the real world, so technically they can make it as small as a coelacanth or as big as the titanosaur and it won’t be scientifically inaccurate cuz there is no accurate thing to compare it to. The genus Charcharodon, however, is real. It contains the great white and its extinct relatives. Most scientists nowadays believe that the real megalodon belongs to the genus Otodus, which is not even in the same family as Charcharodon. So basically the reason why the Megalodon in Ark looks like a slightly bigger great white is because it is literally a slightly bigger great white, as its scientific name provided by the dossier suggests a much closer relationship with great whites than actual megalodons.

This real genus imaginary species thing is actually quite common with creatures in Ark and probably explains why so many of the creatures are considered scientifically inaccurate. Since we call most ancient animals with their genus and not species we may not even notice that their species are not real.

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