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The best way to tame any Dino in the game is to build a taming pin you will need a buddy one to lure the Dino in and the other to shut the gate behind you once you have done this also make note when building to put two door ways one big enough for the Dino to walk in second small enough you can walk/swim out. Now once you swim/walk out you will want to make sure your doing so in a safe area so add an attachment around the area. You will then want to attach a ladder inside the structure for easy access above the desired tamed Dino then fire arrows onto the Dino until it is out cold. Jump in and add narcs and kib. Make sure you already have a saddle and safe place to secure your Dino by doing so and knowing where you are going you will slim the risk of your Dino being killed and yourself. But the best thing about knowing how to tame efficiently is knowing that most Dino's run in pairs don't just tame one female especially if there is a male besides it. It allows you to breed later on.

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