How to tame: Megaloceros

You will need: Argy with saddle, a bola, berries and a base fairly close to the redwoods. (maybe in southern islets?) Step 1: Hop on your argy and fly to the redwoods. Step 2: Find a female megaloceros with no creatures charging at it or attacking it. Step 3: Pick up the female megaloceros. Step 4: Land at your usual stamina regain spots. Note that whenever you land, you will drop the megaloceros. Make sure to pick it up again. Step 5: Once you're at your base, if you have spike walls surronding it, put the megaloceros in the middle so it won't die. Step 6: Bola it, knock it unconsious with your fists, and give it berries (50 is good, but if you have a berry plant, take all the berries from that plant and put it in the megaloceros' inventory.) Step 7: Wait until it's tamed. At your base, it's safe. Step 8: Name it, and i reccomend to breed females to get strong males, and fight with males. Don't get your males killed! Also keep females to keep the cooldown at bay. Please ^ if this was helpful!

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