Here is a great tip for taming these. When you fly to the redwoods, MAKE YOUR FLYER AN ARGY! When you knock it out and the area seems safe, note that other creatures (purlovias, terror birbs, carnos etc) can spawn and kill your megaloceros! With an argy you can protecc your megaloceros, by killin' dem carnz, Killin' dem Terror birbz and killin' all dem tingz who come near ya moose! I was taming one while flying on my argy, and i had to kill: like a million terror birb packs, one carno and one purlovia, all to protect my moose. Her name is Sprinkle, and she is pregnant now, and safe thanks to my argy. Argy's also have great stamina, so you can hover over your megaloceros and protect it. Pteranodons can't protect very well, don't have great starting stamina etc. USE AN ARGY TO PROTECT YOUR FUTURE TAMED MOOSE! P.S One like=one hope sprinkle's future baby is female!

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