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So you want to tame one if these strange creatures well here is some steps

1.Make sure you have a harpoon gun and some net projectiles and bring your option of tranqs

2. Go to ice biome on extinction and find a mana you want

Optional(Could happen). You might find one in the air and if your lucky so if you do,tame it if it’s a decent level

3.Let the mana chase you hopefully it doesn’t do much damage

4.Shoot the net project with the harpoon gun until it’s netted

5. Proceed to shoot it with your tranqs usually wait a few 5 or 4 second’s after each shot I recommend.

6. Once it’s knocked out feed it any kind of meat I suggest if quick or fast taming prime meat or kibble

7.Once it’s tamed. voila! You tamed yourself a mana!

:) - Spyreez

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