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The Magmasaur is the second best harvesting dino in the game objectively, but in my opinion it's the best. Technically the stryder can save time transferring resources and can gather almost as much per node, but overall more per "hit" because of it's multi-targeting Lazer. However, to transport the stryder is a pain as it can be uploaded and down loaded once per day, and can not be put into a cryopod. Here is where the Magmasaur comes in! The Magmasaur being cryopod-able makes it much more of a versatile creature, and allows for farming many different resources in many different areas. If you aren't a large tribe with teleporters all over the map, then you can surely appreciate a magmasaur over a stryder.

Also... How cool do they look??!!! Currently these are my latest obsession and they've been out for years...

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