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Get one of these, they harvest everything in abundant quantities.

Want to build? Bring your thatch and start harvesting.

Want metal to trade with other tribes? Get a Magmasaur. They tend to get metal out of any source of stone or metal node anywhere, and better than an Anky... and I have 900 mêlée Ankys, and I would still use a Magmasaur.

And they are FAST while they harvest. They sprint around like nothing.

Eat a Dino that drops raw prime and you need it cooked right now? “Enable Smelting”. Your prime will be cooked.

Your Magmasaur is low on food? Force feed it stone. Works better than meat to fill its food.

Want to tame a basilisk? Breed your magmasaurs and use the fertilized eggs to tame a basilisk. Then have your new basilisk follow you and carry your junk, just level weight.

Want to survive inside the volcano on Genesis during an eruption? Mount your Magmasaur and don’t get out of the saddle until the eruption is over. It’ll kill your shoulder pet, though.

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