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Ok, 4 simple steps to get a Magmasaur egg

1: grab 2 friends and make them download the 200 gigabyte game known as ark, then invite them to a server

2: tame a pteranodon and have it commit manslaughter for a couple of levels that you can put into stamina

3: bring your friends and pteranodon to the cave entrance and tell your friends that thereโ€™s free robux in the cave

4: fly into the cave after your friends and steal the Magmasaurโ€™s unsupervised unborn children, so that you can raise them on your own (after cooking them over 2000 campfires of course)

Happily ever after for you as your friends uninstall ark and will never tryโ€™s you again (unless you tell them thereโ€™s free diamonds in a wyvern trench)

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