Its a passive tame dont knock it out here are the step by step process

1. Grab some mejoberries maybe like 10

2. Adventure to the beach, if you didnt find one go alittle away from the beach maybe theres one there if there is good job you found one if not then wait and kill the surrounding creatures and wait till it may spawn

3. Put the mejo berries in your hotbar

4. Go up to the back flipin master and it will say feed mejoberry to tame if it does say that then click the mejoberry and the taming meter will go up

5. Make sure no predators like compys or dilos are there

6. Keep on feeding him make sure he doesnt get lost

7. And there you go you got your self a dude that can back flip when he levels up

A tip: in ARK mobile

1. You can pet the guy and make itself and every nearby tamed dino/animal a XP boost

(Go in its invetory at the bottom right)

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