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I can’t believe the people who wrote previous stories.

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I can’t believe the people who wrote previous stories.

Ok anyway I had one who was good for me on rag. It was my 5th tame. But I didn’t realize how useful they are. But myn was so beautiful, she had red wings with blue accents during a Christmas event in 2019. (It’s 2020 and it’s about to be her birthday.) she’s maxed level now but the only tame that survived my beach bob days on rag. My server doesn’t have wipes so she’s good. My beautiful butterfly is gonna be one( if you don’t play ark you don’t know what an achievement this is to have a one year old tame.) and she can hold anything because butterfly uses are only weight. When we raid we use her to get the loot back. My friends told me to put it up on Dododex so I did.

Hope you enjoyed this story of my beautiful butterfree.

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