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So we were raiding bases happily at Herbivore Island and everything was going well. We decided that we had gotten enough loot, so we got on a raft and made for the open ocean, where our main base was. Suddenly, my tribe mate screams,

β€œwhat the fuck is that?!β€œ

I am piloting the raft, so I looked behind me just in time to see a huge fin slicing through the water, heading straight for us. Then this asshole’s huge head comes up and hits our raft super hard, sending it flying forward and rocking back-and-forth. Of course, because this thing is huge, we are all panicking and screaming, and I make a beeline for shallower water. However, before I even get halfway, this thing’s huge tail slaps us and sends our tames flying. My tribe mates screamed again and started panicking even harder. Just before it bit down on our raft and attacked us for the third time, I made it straight to the shallow water near the shore, and watched as it tried to reach us. Frustrated, it turned around to descend bac

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