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Part 4.

Scott immediately starts losing his shit. And about 6 seconds after the Alpha Leed quit fucking on me, "Your Tribemate Scotty was killed by" etc.

His raft, after the hours and detail he spent on that was simply shattered in less than 10 seconds by a fucking whale that has an attitude simply because boats annoy it.

His girlfriend starts laughing hysterically because she obviously doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. At this point I'm sure Scott is ready to shove half his controller in his ass and throw his face through the fucking drywall. So Scott's girl is laughing her ass off. Cam is confused as fuck. Scott is having a mental breakdown. And I'm preparing my anus for Alphas return. He smacks the fuck out of me once more, and I'm almost to shore. Trying to be positive I tell everyone to relax and borrow Cams' "We'll be fine" line.

Sike. Alpha had enough and fucked the rest of us systematically.

*admins commands* "killcocksucker"

Pray for us.

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