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Part 1.

Long story but here it goes in full detail.

2 of my friends and I just started a non-dedicated server (just for fun) as myself and one of the other friends are particularly new to the game. With my buddy Cam being the Ark Wizard and showing us all of its glory.

Anyway, we are playing on official server settings. Nothing boosted or lowered whatsoever. Just stock settings. We take a solid 4 to 5 hours each building rafts to serve different purposes. Mine being a Dino transportation raft. Scott's being a resources/support beautiful vessel that he used all sorts of slopes and weird angled shit on to make it look rad. And it really did look like a rad ship. And then there was Cam and whatever the fuck he was building.

Then we hear the ever so ominous music in Ark that clearly signifies that it's night time and to put your diaper on cause things might get shitty. So, at this point. My shit isn't finished. Scott's is damn near done. And Cam's has barely started. ➑️

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