When I was a noob I had like a bunch of dodos from a…

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When I was a noob I had like a bunch of dodos from a friend and two out of 13 were females so the whole odd tribe counted on them to survive so I made a Dodo cruise all I did was make a newbie raft and put a pretty cool little dodo pen and we went from one half of the island to the other I was in a port at my friends base and I was going to my private shack/dock and off I went then DUN DUN DUN! This leed came out of nowhere and took a literal chunk off the dodo pen taking 5 dodo lives with em and it just happened to be the one spot I put all my crates so I had nothing but useless dodos and then a Meg followed by two others killed 2 dodos from destroying the railing making the dodos fall off from me still driving the raft all the dead dodos were males so I only had 4 males and 2 females left if they survive then I might be able so save the dodos ( also no I don’t want to just tame more dodos I want to make mutated huge dodos so shush ) so my raft away until I got attacked by a sarco :/

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