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First time I found out these existed was when I returned too Ark recently for the first time since it was in preview... unlocked the raft chucked my trike, dodos, paras and dilo’s and headed too my early game haven (Herbivore Island, yes I’m a coward) too start my life, hire some beasts and train like Rocky too tackle the bad men over on the mainland.... well... this fat idiot was like β€œNah fam” munched my raft in a couple hits mere metres from the safety of my paradise... down went my large chests... and my heroic pack of friends sacrificed themselves too him and his 3-4 Megalodon friends too allow me too arrive sodden and scarred internally at the sight of my beloved creatures demise too the jaws of Doom, with nothing but the clothes on my back and my stone tools.... life hasnt been quite right since that fateful day but I picked myself up and paid tribute too my lost comrades. One day my revenge will arrive in the form of a Mosasaur and his own army of Megalodon goons.... soon.

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