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If you sail into one's domain, it will become angered and unleash a mighty bite to devour your ship before swimming back to the abyss from whence it came. However these mighty lords of the sea will forgive trespassers if they throw a jar of honey into the sea for the great beast to devour, the mighty leviathans are too titanic and wilfull for even the greatest of sailers to bring to heel, however if ever one can find one and get to it the titanic fish will gift them with the succulent and delicious meat that lead to this noble species being hunted close to extinction. And if one is brave enough too sail a boat into the kingdom of the mighty albino alpha they will be able to grapple onto it's huge fin and partake the ancient ritual of Alpha leedsicthys surfing, as well as temporarily gaining an excellent platform for hunting the deadly megalodon! Fear these beasts of the deep but also revere them, for they embody the sea, they are both stunningly beautiful, and cruel and terrifying!

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