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I’m seeing a lot of fake tips about this character creature. Because I have also seen Leedsichthys in Ark Survival Evolved on Mobile. I’ve never seen an Alpha version of this Leedsichthys. They give a lot of meat. All you have to do is swim near them. You should be wearing a Diving Suit! You’ll get a pop up saying take meat. They get aggressive only if you punch them or shoot them with any weapons and if you attack them with any of your underwear tames. They will attack you, but they won’t do any damage at all to you. Since it’s a Herbivore. Unlike Carnivorous creatures. I’m sure that they’re still not officially tame. Only if you have bought the Cheat Console for Single Player. I really hope that people stop lying in the tips. Really help each other out because Ark Survival Evolved isn’t an easy video game to play in Single Player. It’s just as hard in Multiplayer. Enjoy the real tips of this creature. Please give this a ^ You’re welcome! :-)

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