The Bulbdog and the Basilisk

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The Bulbdog and the Basilisk

Part 1-2 refined version


The day started like any other, but tonight would bring death and sorrow. Chuck was sitting on the wall just as he did every day. His yellow body was bright as ever, his lamp shone like the summer sun, and his teeth were white as snow. Chuck's best friends berry the bright red basilisk and hera the blue rock drake wearing her usual teck saddle were by his side. The three of them lived at the capital of the drake tribe along with 100 drakes, 50 bulbdogs, 30 basilisks, 2 blood stockers, 3 gigas, 20 humans, and 1 mech. But none of that would save them. That night the namelesses attacked in the thousands the turrets were overrun in seconds then the humans last the wall was smashed and Chuck was trapped.

Hera yelled at berry to run and get ready to burrow. Hera ran to Chuck threw the wall off him and tosed him to Berry. Just as a nameless tore out her throat and killed her. Berry cought Chuck and burrowed them both to safty

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