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The King titan is the main boss of ark extinction, many people say that if you tame this boss, you can’t leave. Well the reality is… you can

This is simply because the map on extinction has all three arenas located on the map, all titans go to theyre designated spots: ice titan to the snow dome, desert titan to the desert dome, forest titan to the sunken forest. And so on. The player his or herself is able to enter these arenas whenever they please, and exit without restriction

All three titans can be tamed, (via destroying the corrupted nodes on them) and can exit the arena once tamed, whenever you please.

Unless the titan remains untamed, it is restricted from exiting its arena. Even if it tries a automated text box will appear saying: “Titan is being drawn back to the center” center as in “arena” when this happens the titan will also regain health. This is because your supposed to actually fight the boss, instead of taking advantage of its criteria.

Apart from that, every single titan on extinction, is a boss. 3/4 are tameable, the last titan also known as the king titan, or the king of shadows. Is technically “tameable” by the use of commands but regardless of being force tamed, it will try to kill you, and cannot be ridden, while also being unable to exit the arena. So what if you tame the king titan?

Basically nothing happens, the titan will remain hostile and continue to do what every untamed boss does. Kill everything the player has worked for. Apart from that taming him doesn’t affect you, force taming him doesn’t restrict you from leaving, but he can’t exit the arena after you. So yea…

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