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this boss is an open world arena, so summoning him spawns him in the arena on the map. More specifically the forbidden zone. So if you were to tame said titan, you wouldn’t be restricted from exiting the arena. However the titan itself IS restricted from leaving, and upon reaching the edge of the arena, the message prompted onto the screen reading “Titan is being drawn back to the center” where he makes a B-line straight toward where he spawned. He also regenerates his health. Same with all of the other titans, unlike the king titan, once tamed the other three titans are free to exit the arena whenever you please. This is only because the king titan never was meant to be tamed, the only way to do so is through the use of commands. But again since it was never meant to be tamed, it still even when “tamed” will actively try to kill you.


*the king titan can be force tamed, but will still actively try and kill you

*The king titan is an open world boss, taming him doesn’t compromise gameplay, although it is pointless considering he still kills you. So force taming him doesn’t mean your stuck forever, as the player can leave the aren whenever, but the boss will keep regening health.

*All titans are restricted from leaving the “arena” unless tamed, excluding the king titan.

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