To defeat. From the information I’ve gathered, cover the edges of a desert titan plat saddle with tek (cluster) or heavy (normal) turrets. Have multiple high level carnivores to distract minions, bring a few velonosaurs on the desert titan, make sure they have high stamina, bring both other Titans, farm for a max level mech, and get enough to make a max level mega mech for each player going to the fight. It’s always good to bring a backup mega mech in case the one your using dies. Bring a good assault rifle and 1000 - 2500 ammo. Bring a daedon with high food stat on the desert titan for passive healing velonosaurs and the titan, bring around 50k raw meat for the daedon, starve it before heading into battle, if you beat it with my tips, then you just got tips from someone who hasn’t even gotten an artifact yet, and killed one of the hardest bosses in the game with them.

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