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Think of the king Titan as all of the bosses rolled into one. I have 2 friends that helped me with this fight, you do not need army’s of gigas, we breed up a bunch of managarmrs and the three other Titans, and we each brought in a backup enforcer and blueprinted mek’s each of us with a different attachment, we had full blueprint tek gear and sword along with blueprint Railguns, med brews, and 30k hp brontos with tek turrets and side armor built down to cover its body. We whistled the manas to attack and set the bronto to neutral, and powered up its tek turrets. We all went around on our mek’s beating the corruption he summons. We would periodically send some rockets into him, and the Manas were jumping everywhere, we also had a yuti, he was dead in under 25 minutes. This was beta fight. Ice breath shreds stuff like nobody’s business. We had to turn off rpg damage numbers, it lagged too much.

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