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The story of the King Titan:

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The story of the King Titan:

You wake up, as every day. Seeing your town as it is. Dinos by everyone’s side. A dodo, wandering around as if has nothing better to do. But you see something purple glowing on its back. It attacks a human, spreading the purple tumor. And so on. You see the titans murdering everyone. You wonder, where is the fourth? Then you see it. Twice the size it was before, filled if the purple tumors. Then you see the scientist, smiling as the world was getting corrupted. You ask him why he did all this, and he says, “because it is time iI rule the earth. You see the 4th Titan, murdering its creator. And then you get on to the island ark, and retreat. Maybe one day… you survivor, will get your revenge.

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