You wake up on the first Ark.

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You wake up on the first Ark. With your mouth dry and your head spinning, you stand up, hoping the headache will go away. When you look around your body, you see something, a crystal maybe on your left wrist. You try to scratch it off, but it is stuck to your body. As you are alone, you struggle to survive. Ambushing dodos and hiding from dilos. You build a small thatched house under a stone pillar, hoping you will survive. Suddenly, a dilo pack came running at you! You try to run but they spat poison in your eyes and ate you up. You woke up again, this time in your sleeping bag in the house. Was it all a dream? Maybe, maybe not. As time went by, you learned that you are stuck in some kind of island in the middle of space. More time past, you had more experience, and soon defeating the alpha overseer. Soon after, you wake up on the aberration Ark. And as always, you won. But this time against Rockwell. Finally, you were on the extinction world, it had looked a lot like Earth, but you were not sure that whether it is or not. This time, you had experience as. Much than ever before. Days, months, maybe even years went by, you have obtained the M.O.M.I and four mechs. You herd your trusty and loyal tek saddle Rex and much more dinosaurs you have tamed. Soon, it is time to face your fate, as your enforcers are ready to charge into battle and the gamma and beta titans by your side, the alpha titans awake, ready to destroy whoever is in their way. You immediately jump onto the mega Mek and fight The war. Though many has died. Including your titans and all you tames. It is only you, your mega Mek and the Alpha King Titan left on the battlefield. As the Alpha King Titan was about to charge at you. You grab the mega Mek’s sword and jumped at the abomination and stabbed it in the head. You ejected yourself from the mega Mek with a parachute. You won, you won all the challenges that you have to face. Now finally, it is all over. You can finally go home, whether if it exists or not. You no longer have a home. After all your journey through the worlds. Ready to face anything to face anything that will come at you again, you step into whatever is waiting for you entering another world of Ark once more.

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