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soooo here I was, farming some hide. 'cause, always out of hide. In the distance I see 2 spinos playing with each other in a pool with a new dino.

I'm like: ok .. well spinos are hard, so why are they "just ignoring this new dino". so.. I brought my carno home, got my spiffy new climbing kit (climbing is actually quite well done) my crossbow. a butt-ton of tranq darts. Went for a cliff I knew was near. climbed up .. "ah damn, wrong cliff" but: *looks down* another! , COOL: one alone. that makes my life a hella lot more easier. I check his level through binoculars, level 8, not too bad.

50 darts later

He finally starts running, so I thought: BINGO. this one's mine.

Jump off the cliff start tailing him, firing off even more darts. another 15 darts later: he decides to turn around. FACERAPE OF HELL

ok calm down, his torpor is low, just hop a scorpion and get him down. *jump on Scorpionthing the 3rd*: head there


I might not sleep tonight

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