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I ended up taming a level 100 Kapro on Crystal Isles. I was scouting with my level 230 (approximate) pteranodon — oddly enough, I found a lone one just off of the shore in the shoals biome (this area was a bit close to a swamp, so). They are very scary in the water, as they will leap right out of it in an attempt to attack you and your tame granted that you are close enough to the ocean’s surface. I led one onto the beach and was lucky enough to find a tall enough rock to land upon so that the aggravated creature couldn’t reach me. It took several tranq arrows to knock it out using a crossbow. After assuring that the area around me was clear and there weren’t any more threats, I had easily tamed it with a stack of raw meat and carefully led it back to my base. It was easier than I had expected to tame one, even as it was a high level. The advice I would give other players is that if you are going to lead one to a tall rock so you can tranquilize one without getting attacked, I’d still be careful to make the best judgement call with the rock and be 100% positive that it has no parts of it that the creature can pounce onto and find its way to you. By the way, I’m pretty new to Ark still, so my strategy may not be that professional — but I hope it helps other new players!

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