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This has to be the funnest mount ever.

I’m sure we all know the Kapro’s famously annoying pounce, that makes the swamp almost impossible to navigate early on. They will yoink you off your flyer, inject stamina-reducing venom, and carry you around until you die. And sometimes they will kill you another way- once I was in the swamp and a Kapro pounced me, as expected. But this was a rare breed, the deadly sky Kapro. It launched the both of us straight up, so high I had a clear view of the whole island. Instinctively I stabbed it in the face, and killed it. But I was still hundreds of feet in the air, so then fell to my death. So if anyone wants an ark horror game, just go to the swamp at night.

Trust me, you’ll get the scare of a lifetime.

All this aside, I always loved Kapros, as soon as I saw my first one. They were cool-looking, and I always wanted one. One day, I was around level 10 in a multiplayer server. I was in the swamp, and had a clever idea. I waited till a snake picked the wrong fight, then swooped in to get some loot. I got 1 tranq arrow, but that was enough. Crafting a bow and a club, I sought out a nice green low-level. I got it to chase me to a small cliff side, where I fired off my arrow. Then I allowed it to grab me, and started pummelling it. Soon it was knocked out. I fed it some meat, tamed it up, and went dodo hunting. Sadly, it was killed within ten minutes.

That was my first Kapro tame, but after that I became a fanatic. I tamed 3 Kapros in single player, and bred and imprinted a third. I would have tamed many, many more if it wasn’t for the ark mobile tame limit. These I tamed with a few simple crossbow shots and raw meat. At the time of taming these, I was level 30-40. Their health stat is not very good, but better than a raptor. Their stamina is not the best, but speed is ok. Weight is crappy. They have three attacks: your basic bite, a snatch attack to pick up small prey, and the pounce, which launches straight forward and grabs small creatures (and humans). It’s base attack does good damage, but the launch ability has amazing damage. My lvl 35 imprinted Kapro does around 400 damage on impact (I play on easy, so that’s pretty good) All in all, they are underrated, fun, and deadly.

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