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The desert ARK

Prologue, season 1

I open my eyes to see the wasteland I call home, many would dream about the place I was born at, in an oasis. But I didn’t fell special, my life started with hard survival, hopping around blindly, hoping that I’d find my way to the bushes that provide berries, and hoping that the sound of the oasis’s water led me right to the fresh, cold water. My parents must have abandoned me here, I’ve survived the early days of my life, gaining sight after a week of blindness, my life was much easier from that moment forward! or was it? The wyverns will be desperate this year, food is decreasing, the rain is even more rare now a days, I can tell that they are thinking of visiting the oasis that I live in. That would be the end of me, but traveling over the dunes is a worse idea! The dunes are home to the death-worms, the second biggest thing on the ARK, if you don’t count the alphas of-course, they are the size of a mountain! But I need to chose, hide from the wyverns, die trying to scare them away or try to escape to the inner parts of the desert ARK. All of them are rather… unsafe!

Night comes, and I wake up. I have decided, I will travel towards the inner regions! I start jumping away to the bushes, I take as many berries as my poach can hold, then taking a deep sip of water, then using my tail to try and detect any storms… nothing, great! I take some leafs, some fiber and a little bit of thatch, making a water holder, the journey is long for a juvenile jerboa! I scratch up some sand deep in the ground, dipping it in the water after I’ve filled my water holder, then using the wet sand as war paint. I. AM. READY!!! I hop away, towards the stone covered wasteland, that is my only hope, I was close when… “pip!!!” I shout, scared to near death. I look up seeing a… juvenile wyvern? “Hi little friend! Sorry I scared you, I saw you jumping around alone, I just thought you needed help!” The juvenile wyvern said, I look into he’s friendly eyes, he holds me gently in a grasp with he’s small tail. “Well, thank you! I was a bit afraid that a death-worm would appear, but if you want to help… you could fly me to a pool of water!” I reply with a little squeaking voice. He smiles, puts me on his back, and says, “Hold on now, I’m a bit of a fast flyer! Got it?”, I reply with a thumbs up, holding tight around the spike closest to me. “I” the juvenile wyvern starts, “I’m not juvenile as you might think”, he says while looking at me with a sad stare. I look surprised, “what do you mean?” I ask him. “I’m a dwarf, the others think I’m weird.” He replies in a sad voice, I stand up, slowly moving forward on his back, in a quadrupedal form, I sit down on his head. “I’m also kinda mutated ya know!” I tell him, with a smile on my face. “Well maybe we can start a journey together! What do you think?” He tells me, “sure!” I reply happily. “My name is Amber!” The wyvern said, “I’m Puffy!” I reply, we are quiet a moment. I pet amber on his head,

“We will be good friends, Amber! I can tell!” I say, “I agree, Puffy!”, Amber replies, as we fly towards the sunset!

This is the beginning of Puffy’s and Amber’s adventure, in the story

THE DESART ARK! hope you will enjoy the story of they’re adventures across the world of ARK, survival evolved!

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