For those of you who play Ark Mobile, hope of obtaining one of these fluffy little dessert kittens is not lost. They spawn in dungeons. Go to the obelisk, kill one, but donโ€™t harvest the body. Instead, check itโ€™s inventory and take the implant, because you cannot tame things in dungeons. Finish the dungeon or whatever, then go to any of the three obelisks and revive it, they are not hard to knock out, I just use a club, my fists, or an equals buck kick. Feed your new friend berries until he realizes you WILL NOT leave until he joins your army and becomes the new king and sits on the throne in the shrine castle you have built for his royal highness. So, yeah. Those of you upset that the dossier is in the game and the jerboa isnโ€™t, it is. You just gotta work for it, but itโ€™s worth it. (Yes, I do have a jerboa castle and a large royal family. Theyโ€™re like pringles, you can never have just one.)

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