The Red Jerboa Part 10

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The Red Jerboa Part 10

By Ryukenmaxximus

Jebris was looking around “oh, this place again.” She said as she limped towards the blue zone “I wonder if Silver is still there?” Jebris fell down the waterfall and into the pink zone. From there she saw the dead reaper queen and she jumped into the purple zone,she was in more pain then ever before and she saw a weird Jerboa with an extra set of arms. It was digging and it grabbed something out of the ground and it turned towards Jebris. It smiled at her and ate the weird plate, it started growing at an alarming rate and grabbed Jebris. After a few minutes of climbing Jebris realised that the beast was Silver.

Meanwhile at the Manticore’s lair

Jerboe started growling and she could breath in the purple and black goo, she clambered out of the goo and fell asleep.

Back to Jebris

Silver (while climbing) looked at Jebris and smiled, Jebris smiled back. Once they reached the surface Silver Jumped into the sky and swam through the air and saw a weird cube in the sky, Silver and Jebris touched it and we were absorbed into the cube...

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