The Red Jerboa Part 6

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The Red Jerboa Part 6

By Ryukenmaxximus

“Squeaky, squeaky little rodent, I’ve pinned you to the ground,now be good for the Manticore or else your going down my throat never to be seen again.” The Manticore sang as Jerboe struggled to escape the Manticore’s grasp. The Manticore chucked Jerboe into a rock full of bubbling, Purple and black water, she struggled to keep her head out of the it “What is this place! What are you going to do to me!” Yelled Jerboe in a worried tone of voice “You’ll see, you’ll see.” Said the Manticore menacingly.

“Silver? Are you hurt? Asked Jebris while scratching her ear “Yeah I think so but uhhh what is that?” Replied Silver in a scared tone of voice “What is what?” Jebris questioned “That over there. In the trees. It looks scary.” Silver said.They hopped out of the hole to get a better look. The beast charged at them and they ran as fast as the could “NOBODY ESCAPES THE REAPER QUEEN!” Yelled the reaper queen. They fell backwards down a deep, deep hole. Everything was blue “Where are we now?” Asked Silver and Jebris at the same time. They saw massive snakes, smaller snakes, baby goats with singular glowing horns and more reaper queens. “Oh no.” Whispered Jebris “we’re gonna die.”

Jerboe was swimming in the water trying to keep her head above it. The Manticore’s was watching her and he made the water flow more which made more water flow into the rock so it was harder for Jerboe to keep her head out of it. She ran out of breath and started sinking “MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!” laughed the Manticore “IT’S WORKING!”

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