The Red Jerboa Part 7

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The Red Jerboa Part 7

By Ryukenmaxximus

The water stopped flowing Jerboe was drowning her vision darkened and then a bright light flashed into her eyes. She shut them waited a few seconds and then opened them again the light was dimmer “you are going to die you need to escape NOW!” Said a voice that sounded a lot like Jebris’ Jerboe scrambled up to the top and took a massive breath of fresh air. The Manticore was listening to music, she climbed out of the water. Half of her body(the bottom half) was purple and black there were some normal spots there as well “What happened?” Asked Jerboe the Manticore swooped down grabbed her and stuffed her into the water.

Jebris jumped into the water to cool off but the currant dragged her to a waterfall she fell down it. Silver jumps down and immediately regrets it “That was terrifying...” Said Silver everything here was pink there was a yellow glow in the distance whatever it was it looked big and down underneath them they saw a massive, purple, bubbling river a weird creature the size of three jerboas stood on top of each other climbed out of the water three reaper queens were fighting the reaper queen that Jebris and Silver escaped from was behind them the reaper queen kicked Silver into the poisonous water “SILVER!” Shouted Jebris. Silver reached for Jebris’ hand but she was to high up “Goodbye Jebris...” said Silver quietly with tears running down her face “NOOOOOOO!” Shouted Jebris she tried to hold in her tears but failed and tears ran down her face as well. Silver landed in the water with a splash she clambered out of the water as a mutant jerboa and started climbing up the rocks into the pink zone. “Time to end this...” said Jebris the reaper queen slammed her tail down Jebris slid to the right, grabbed a rock and chucked it at the reaper queen Jebris heard a snap, it was the reaper queen’s leg snapping in half. It fell to the ground layed their and cried. Silver finished climbing the wall and charged at Jebris so Jebris slid to the right and silver fell back into the water. She came out even more mutated but then the giant hand came back and pulled Jebris into a tek city. Around it there was wasteland the hand waved and then left Jebris waved back. She went exploring in the wasteland when a meteor shower started She ran for shelter and hid.

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