The Red Jerboa Part 8

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The Red Jerboa Part 8

By Ryukenmaxximus

Jebris went foraging for berries like she used to when the hand came back and pointed at the three obilisks and then at a mountain in the distance. Jebris headed towards an obilisk sourrounded by grass, she went down a hole and dodged all of the dinos trying to kill her and summoned a weird tree monster. “Uhhhhh what is that?” She crabbed a rock and chucked it at a purple and black lump. It popped and the beast’s arm fell off, she chucked the rock at another lump it popped and the other arm fell off it fell to the ground and Jebris walked away. Next she walked towards the second obilisk that was pointed at, when she walked up to the obilisk the area around her turned into desert and she summoned the next beast. It flew into the sky Jebris got blasted of of a geyser and landed on the beast. She punched one of the corrupted lumps and bit the next one, it tasted terrible but it popped. The beast fell out of the sky and Jebris scurried away the final obilisk stood tall in a freezing cold Antarctica like biome. She summoned the last beast it roared a great roar and swiped and Jebris, she jumped in the air picked up a chunk of ice and chucked it at a corrupted lump and it slid onto another and they both popped the final spot was on the beast’s forehead she grabbed a small animal and threw it at the spot it blew up and the beast flopped onto the ground finally Jebris walked to the mountain “What is this place... WHAT IS THAT!?!?” Jebris yelled while running around it. The beast bit into Jebris’ leg and she bit the dinosaur on the eye it started bleeding and the beast walked away. Jebris limped the rest of the way up the mountain and summoned the last beast, it was time.

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