The Red Jerboa Part 5

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The Red Jerboa Part 5

By Ryukenmaxximus

Jebris was 15 she had been training for ten years and most animals were now afraid of her. She was on a mission to save Jerboe and the world from the Manticore’s wrath...

A small jerboa bumped into Jebris “Sorry.” It said “its ok” replied Jebris while giving the small jerboa a few berries “My name is Jebris what’s yours?” The small jerboa started digging into the sand “my name is Silver hence my colour being... silver!” Just then a massive shadow appeared “it’s the Manticore and it has a jerboa in it’s claws!” Shouted silver the Manticore’s looked down and landed. “Where is Jerboe!” Yelled Jebris silver ran up and kicked the Manticore “Yeah where is she... wait who is Jerboe?” Asked silver “ She is a jerboa who adopted me ten years ago but she was taken by him or her and when I say him or her I mean the Manticore.” The Manticore flies back into the air. A giant hand slams at the sand in front of them and then grabs them “AAAAHHHHHHH” they both screamed as they were dragged out of the ark and into space the hand pulled them into a different a different ark... a broken ark the hand shattered into pieces and dropped Jebris and Silver. “Where are we?” Asked Jebris. Silver kicked a rock into a piranha they dug a hole and layed in it.

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