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1. Iguanodons are fast.

2. They are easy tames.

3. Loses no stam when on all fours.

4. Jumps.

I have no idea why no one talks about their amazing ability to gather berries. If you want rockarrots, or a ton of berries, get the iguanodon. It takes out the bush in 1 swipe, and gives twice the berries you would possibly get with a parasaur. Another thing is, on all fours they outrun direwolves. That is good for leading a wild direwolf into another place. Iguanodons have the ability to change colors a bit at night. I have posted mutiple posts about Iguanodons color changing. Yet no one has posted it yet. I HAD an Iguanodon, but I had to kill it due to a dire wolf. That attempt ended terribly. The direwolf had taken damage because my Iguanodon nearly killed it! So I had to kill it sadly... But Iguanodons color change! She was all brown, and at night changed to blue. Another Iguanodon I saw was orange, but changed to a demon red.... Get an iguanodon. I really recommend it. They just may be a bit hard to find at first.

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