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A must tame, why?

It's easy. Bola, tranq arrows and berries.

Best travel mount: Unlimited stamina and you can improve movement speed. Pump 10 levels into speed and this thing zooms everywhere!

Fairly tanky: It can take a beating meaning better survival chance but also good for taming aggressive creatures.

You can shoot while riding: Making taming safer and easier. Anything tries to run away they have no chance.

Berry Gathering: Good for taming or just eating.

Seeding: Good for starting a small farm of your choice.

They can fight back, fending off Dilos, raptors, even Baryonx and Sarcos.

They can jump: Good for clearing obsticals but also getting on high rocks as a vantage point to tranq out creatures such as Carnos.

They're fast swimmers: Not something you want to take in the ocean but fast enough to cross small lakes and rivers and fast enough to outrun Jellyfish. Mine can outswim a Megeladon lol.

Kibble: They're eggs make decwnt kibble which in turn can help tame decent mounts.

Basically they're awesome!

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