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Ok you guys wanna tame the seed factories w infinite stam alrt so how to tame you will be needing a Bola a club and slingshot with around 20 to 65 rocks in it if it's around the lvls 3 to 50 anything above (I would recommend tranq arrows you unlock them at lvl 21). So you find one of your likings Bola it (keep 3 just in case) then bonk it on the with your club of to play it safe use a slingshot. When it knocked out put purple berries in its inventory around 15 to 50 purple berries in it and extras just in case. Nice you have a great traveler w infinite stam if on 4 legs it can convert berries to seeds and it can fight anything up to a low lvl carno. Saddle is unlocked at 30 up this so beginner's see.

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