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Iguanodons: all you need to know

(Sorry that it’s so late)

Iguanodons are medium herbivores, capable of being both bipedal and quadrupedal, meaning that they can walk on two or four legs. Iguanodons are actually some of my most favorable tames, as they are extremely fast and have infinite stamina in quadruped form. Making them much better than equi as steeds. They have a unique ability that makes them very valuable to farmers as well; they can pluck the seeds from fruit. This is supper useful, as farmers can take rare crops and give them to a trained iguanodon to seed and plant. Sadly, no matter how hard you train an iguanodon, it will always eat the fruit it seeds. Meaning, in this case, you can not “have your cake, and eat it too.” To tame one of these creatures, you must first incapacitate it some how, as they will quickly run away when they feel like they will lose a fight. After, simply use a club or any other means of knocking and feed it berries. Killing an iguanodon is rather easy if you are equipped fairly decently. Simply use any type of melee weapon or good tame. Just make sure you have enough health to survive. I hope this has helped you. Have a great day!

-Ember (Sarco Master 🐊)

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