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GUYS!!! #upgradedPARASAUR

•For a start, this thing is faster (has two speeds)

•It is a piece of cake to tame, just bola, then trank, or slingshot, or just give it a smack in the head. Feed it berries then protect it.

•Then, The iguanodon, just straight up looks cooler,

•it collect berries so easily, and even better, you tap it, and it turns all of you berries into seeds. EPIC 😱

•it’s health is fantastic. And it’s stamina INFINATE-ish

• it’s melee, not bad, just don’t battle anything more dangerous then a raptor, (unless you only focus you guy on melee, that’s a different story,)

•they gather thatch like a... well... they do it better then a pary.

•good names...

1. Pillow, (that’s the name of mine # 4 year old brother named it 😂)

2. Iggy, (Jk cringe 😬)

•thanks for reading


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