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These things are insanely fast! I'd been spending most of my time using my lvl 231 Raptor as my main scouting Dino, with a speed of 129%, but it can barely keep up with my new 235 Iguanadon with a speed of 122% even when it's on 2 legs.

Once it drops down to 4 legs, it leaves my Raptor behind almost immediately.

And while it uses no Stamina when sprinting on all 4, it still uses almost no Stamina when sprinting on 2 legs.

I've sprinted around for agges on two legs, so my Raptor could keep up, and even with only 940 Stamina, it never even reached 3/4

Do yourself a favour and get one ASAP. Sure they're good for gathering and seeds, but their true purpose is as a shot to long distance scouting mount, or even as a taming mount, since you can use your bow while riding, and it's head doesn't get in the way when you shoot.

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