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I tamed my boi Aladar (Named after the Iguanadon in “Dinosaur”) as a level 125, he actually nearly killed me when I was trying to tame him, as I didn’t realize his friend would get angry that I’d shot him with tranq arrows, and he and his friend broke the bolas was using on them. So I had to retreat and go home to try again after restocking on supplies.

As I ran off and was Reneging, I got jumped by a raptor and died. So, now angry that I had both been killed and also had failed taming my high-level Iguana of choice, I restocked on Tranq arrows, grabbed more supplies and went back to get my stuff.

Honestly, I didn’t expect either of the iguanas to still be there when I got back. Sadly his friend was gone, and I still hope my fight with them didn’t cause the other iguana to get killed.

But this time I managed to take down the high-level (and still very formidable) male Iguanadon and after a long while of waiting I finally had him tamed. Having a saddle on me already, I rode him onto my raft and we began sailing home.

Though on the way back, we had to sail past a Theri, A Sarco, and a Baronyx I didn’t know was there as well. I managed to take down the Sarco with the help of my new tame, we ran away from the Theri by going into deeper water (I abandoned my raft at this point, having wasted too much time taming my Iguanadon to leave him.) But we got jumped by a Baronyx who knocked me off my new mount and forced me to flee to land. Thinking surely the water-Rex would kill my new tame, I waited and went over my options, but once again I decided not to leave my new Iguanadon to die.

Surprisingly, my Iguanadon killed the Baronyx (with a little help from me as well) and I got him safely onto land and back to my base. This is where he earned the name Aladar, named after the dinosaur who also persevered so much in the face of death and destruction. Recently he took on a pack of 3 raptors, and didn’t even get knocked to half health. He’s now at level 200-something and I absolutely love him.


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