(Remember, this is a tip for pc players only, I have no knowledge about ark nintendo switch or xbox)

How to tame a very annoying flying attacking seagull:

1. Grab a bola (get more than 3 if your aim is trash)

2. Get a club, bow, tranq arrows and narcotics (these guys have extremely low health even on high level ones so i recommend you use the club)

3. These are piscivores, so bring fish meat or prime fish meat (regular kibble recommended if you are taming a high level one)

4. Bola it and use club or maybe tranqs I guess XD

5. Put the food in its inventory and feed it narcotics (the torpor drain is quite slow but these guys don't have a lot of torpor themselves and their food drain rate is really slow)

6. You now have an ichthy! Very useful on pvp servers btw

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