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When we started playing on a dedicated server it was our first intro to them. So we had no idea they where randomly aggressive and sneak thieves. We felt like idiots when they first attacked and it was 3 vs 3. The first thing I remember going was full stacks of food. Which they ate!?! I'm sitting there trying to equip a gun. Just as it finished the animation the bird took my rifle from my hands. Thank god they don't eat some things but here's a tip, they do eat tranq darts. WTF? The next thing that gets stolen from a tribesmate was a full stack of bio toxin. Yea the stuff that you use as a narcotic in taming. How does a tiny bird eat that and not pass out or even die? We did finally put them down and pick most our stuff off the ground but it's still ridiculous that they can eat narcotic, bio toxin, and tranq darts without falling asleep or dying.

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