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So once upon a time I was in the snow biome on the island with my ptera(Steve), an argie(Chicken Little)and two freshly tamed breeding yutys (KFC and Popeye). I went to look around while KFC was taming and I spotted a level fifteen Rex so I knocked it out and was elated because the last three Rexes I’d seen... well let me tell you. The first one I knocked out and my dumass Dimorphodon killed when I wasn’t paying attention(love when you forget to put attack conscious only on), the second one I I knocked out successfully, the third one was the wrong gender(trying for breeding pair) so I killed it for prime meat and then I realized I couldn’t find the second one raged and quit. Now back to the snow biome. Honestly, this part is pretty short a bunch of god-damned hyaenadon jerks came out of nowhere when I was getting prime meat and killed the Rex.


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