How to tame a Hesperornis:

Build a trap using

1 foundation (any kind)

4 walls (any kind; I prefer walls over rails)

4 ramps or stairs (any kind)

4 ladders (whatever you can make)

Place a ramp on the outside of each of the walls & a ladder on the inside of each.

Speed is everything. If you have or can acquire an Ichthyornis first your tame will be forever more wonderful... later on that.

Place your trap just on the shore where you have seen Hesperornis running around. (It's a flightless bird). Find them at the edge of a swamp or around a secluded small body of water.

Antagonize a Hesperonis to make it follow you & walk to your trap. If you run, you'll probably disinterest him/her (preferably her).

Once in the trap s/he will stay put. Use the nearest ladder to get out. Now run to the water to gather fish. Kill but don't harvest. You'll see the E:Drag appear. Press "E" to drag fish to the trap. When you jump in you will lose your fish so be prepared to grab it again. ("E" to drag). Don't let her/him feed on it. You will see the Yellow "E: To Feed Fish". Press "E". Rinse; repeat until s/he tames out. Press "E" to change her settings first and foremost. "Behavior"- change

ATTACK Your... to "Passive", "__ only conscious, and "Low" on following-you'll thank me later. Now, press "E" to put her/him on your shoulder. SUCCESS!

Note 1: If you get and learn to use an Ichthyornis, it will catch fish for you and turn it into "Prime Fish" that waits for you to gather it and feed it to your Hesperonis. This is a much quicker and more effective Tame.

Note 2: Any fish will do, but Prime will do better, quicker, and better. If you cannot get Ichthyornis, you can make a fish trap from foundations placed in the water with a gate at the end. Two auto-gates work better, but cost more. Argo Salmon and lead them into the trap. This is very tedious compared to getting an Ichthy, which will always be useful.

How to get an Ichthyornis... Make sure you have more than one tranq weapon. Crossbows work well because they are faster than Longneck rifles. Use tranq arrows (Crossbow) or tranq darts (Rifle). Shock tranq darts are best because you won't need many and they will not kill your target (unless you spaz and pellet the poor bird). You can tame underwater if you must, but try to down it over land if possible. You have more than one weapon because your target will steal your weapons. :O This bird is worth your frustration, believe me. Not short… sorry.

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